R.W. Flame Home Appliances

R.W. Flame Home Appliances

The heat can get unbearable whenever summer kicks in, and you’ll need summer appliances to keep you and your family cool and comfortable. Having home appliances and devices that can help keep you cool this summer is essential. Here are the top 10 RW Flame summer appliances:


R.W. Flame Home Summer Necessities

Antarctic Star 6 Quart Air Fryer - $89.99

Antarctic Star 6 Quart Air Fryer

Air crisp technology (instead of oil) reduces added fat by 70-80%. Because of rapid air technology, adding oil to prepare fried foods is unnecessary. The 6.0 Quart capacity makes an abundance of appetizers, desserts, chicken wings, French fries, and even baked goods – ideal for busy households, coffee shops, restaurants, and parties.

Set the temperature and timer with a cooking range from 180F to 400F degrees so you can make delicious food in just 10-30 minutes. Touch screen LCD makes it more convenient.  In addition to the auto-shutoff function that prevents overcooking, the cool touch handle and housing make the device safer.


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Antarctic Star Electric Air Conditioner Portable – $119.99

Antarctic Star Electric Portable Air Conditioner - 3 Speeds - 3 Modes 12 hour Timer

The portable electric air conditioner is convenient and easy to move. The side handle grooves and rolling casters make it easy to carry. 7L large water tank, cooler and longer lasting, refrigeration prevents frequent water addition. The 12H timer switch lets you sleep peacefully until dawn and enjoy a good night's sleep through the hot summer – remote control, no waking up!

You can adjust the air-conditioning fan's operation anytime without using the 5M remote control. There are three speeds and modes. You change the modes & speed according to time and situations.


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Car Refrigerator - $209.99

R.W.Flame Portable Fridge Freezer, Car Refrigerator for Camping, Driving, Travel, Fishing

With variable frequency DC compressor and drive module, this refrigeration system is energy-saving, stable, reliable, and mobile. The refrigerator recognizes DC12/24V voltage, making it suitable for various scenarios, including car, marine, home, and outdoors.

Low voltage protection and voltage detection in the refrigerator prevent over-discharge of the car battery. Automatic shutdown of the compressor occurs when the battery voltage falls below the set value to avoid overcharging and battery damage.


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Antarctic Star 3.2 Cubic Feet 2 Door Compact Refrigerator - $264.99

Antarctic Star 3.2 Cubic Feet 2 Door Compact Refrigerator

Antarctic Star 3.2 Cubic Feet 2 Door Compact Refrigerator with dual-zone design, maintain food fresh or frozen. The two-door design in classic black is perfect for dorms, offices, bedrooms, and apartments. Refrigerator compartment 32' to 50' F; freezer compartment 3' to -1' F, 7 temperature settings. The removable three glass shelves are easy to store and clean.


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Outdoor Electric Patio Heater - $129.99

R.W.Flame Outdoor Electric Patio Heater|Infrared Heater With Switch Display, 750W/1500W

The outdoor electric patio heater uses infrared heating technology and carbon fiber heating tubes. This heater releases a large amount of heat quickly. Product parameters: 110~160 sq, AC110-120V, 60Hz, 750W/1500W, heat-up time 3 seconds. Perfect for room heating!

Using the remote control, you can control the heating power and see the status of the heating system. Whenever the temperature of the product reaches the critical value, or the voltage is unstable, the product will automatically shut off if it is accidentally knocked over, making it very safe for families with children.


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43 Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table - $329.99

R.W.Flame 43 Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table  - 2 in 1 with Glass Cover

 A fire pit can be used as a fire pit, BBQ grill, or bonfire pit, garden yard, hold bonfire parties, cook barbecues, and entertain guests. The 43-inch fire pit is perfect for winter.

This gas table can heat up to 50,000BTU. There is enough space to keep drinks and food.

The installation is easy with some preassembled parts. Use the electronic igniter button or match to light. With the burner control knob, you can adjust the flame height.


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Mini Upright Freezer 1.2 - $174.99

Mini Upright Freezer 1.2

1.2 cubic feet free standing. The removable slide-out chrome frame provides a means to store more food. It is perfectly sized to store food well while taking up minimal space, suitable for parties, large families, garages, basements, apartments, and kitchens.

There are seven-grade temperature ranges. Level 0 means Turn Off and is in the approximate range of 6.8°F to 7.6°F. It cools quickly with low energy consumption R600a compressor. It uses only 0.45 kilowatt-hours per day.


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Water Cooler - $174.99

R.W.Flame Water Cooler Dispenser Water Cooler, Hot and Cold Water, Child Safety Lock, ETL Approved, Black

The dispenser provides hot and cool water (95°C and 8 °C). A temperature control function controls the temperature of the water. A water cooler dispenser's heating/refrigeration indicator lights keep you informed about the temperature of the water.

Water bottles fit in this top-loading dispenser. Putting bottles on this water cooler is easier since it's lower. A close connection between the bottle and the inlet prevents dust from entering.

For cooling water and hot water, there are two working powers of 100W and 550W, respectively. Water dispensers make almost no noise, so you won't be disturbed when working or resting.


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Antarctic Star Propane Infrared Gas Grill - $229.99

Antarctic Star Propane Infrared Gas Grill

8000 BTU propane gas grill with Radiant Technology can reach 572°F in 2 minutes and cook steak and ribeye in 5 minutes. Anything can be cooked with a simple "in and out" movement. A compact size of 19.1*12.8*13.3 inches.

The retractable gas grid frame allows the rotating grill basket to cook evenly at 360 degrees with the extreme heating level. The grill is easy to clean because it is made of stainless steel. The cooking part is enameled and can be easily removed and cleaned.

Sage system control works seamlessly with the ignition switch. Start-up is reliable and fast with the ignition knob. Instant fire with one press of the red button.


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36-Inch Tower Fan Oscillating Fan - $79.99

36-Inch Tower Fan Oscillating Fan

With the bladeless air cooling system, the quiet tower fan will cool down the temperature in 3 seconds and give you instant cooling comfort. A three-speed oscillating fan with three operation modes makes it the best choice for rooms.

R.W. Flame cooling fan has a straightforward remote control system that allows you to control it from a distance. It oscillates to cool a large area while operating at low noise levels. This 65° oscillating cooling fan distributes air with a velocity of 20ft/s for quick cooling and energy savers.

Despite its slim design, this floor fan oscillating quiet with a remote creates mighty wind to blow across the room in less space than traditional fans.


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Summer in the country can be scorching. It would help if you got these summer appliances for a pleasant stay in your home during the hot season. These house appliances can help keep your summer cool and save time in daily tasks.

Hopefully, you now know how to pick the best summer products and they brighten up your summer. If you have found it useful, please share it with your family and friends so that they may also benefit from it.


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